Why there is a need of Leave Management System?

Does your business-managing employee approve leaves fairly, precisely, and efficiently? Paid leave has a significant financial impact on a company’s bottom line. According to a research, employers spend an average of 14.6% of payroll on leave-related benefits. It’s no wonder that many employers are assessing their leave management processes and strategies to make sure they are not wasting money and time given the financial resources committed to leave programs and the paper intensive processes that surround those strategies. Corporations can establish and enforce the rules for all of their leave strategies, and build workflows into the system so that the responsible person is making the request. Routing and sanctions can also be customized based on a company’s unique business processes. Significantly, leave information will be consolidated for analysis, reporting, and financial planning.

Management Approvals:

Leave Management Software helps to lighten the administrative duties associated with scheduling employee absence. Human resource managers can be set to receive automated notifications via e-mail when leave requests are made and then they can approve this leave with a click of a button. Once the leave has been approved, these days are automatically deducted from an employee’s leave total without any additional work from the user. Absence history details can be viewed along with statistics and additional data both on team, individual or even company-wide level. Placing this burden on a software system frees time of administration that can be better spent elsewhere.


Unlimited Leave Codes:

The resourcefulness of leave management systems allows for an unlimited number of configurable leave codes. These codes allow both management and employees to easily schedule, track and view absence log. Leave tracking can automatically tally paid leave days and sort them into user-friendly statistics for improved tracking and monitoring of company-wide leave information. Numerous default codes are available within the system, but any code can be entered and used within the system to fit unique leave policy requirements. This makes it easy to integrate leave management systems into any business situation in an effective way that will help manage the busy administrators paid leave needs.

Alrasmyat’s HR Software is very reliable leave management software. It automatically calculates leaves of employees by using algorithms. It’s an error free way to manage and keep leave record. It’s fast and effective and it saves your company lot of bucks. Alrasmyat helps HR and finance departments sleep better at night knowing that their time off programs are efficiently managed and accurately tracked with HR and Payroll Software.


Manage Businesses Progressively with Cloud HR Software

Management is a hard task. To manage a business effectively, the key is to establish and growth in the business. Successful management can be done by examining the marketplace environment and to create employment and revenue opportunities that provide the potential growth and financial capability to the business.

Despite the significance of management, this zone is often misunderstood and poorly executed, mainly because people focus on the results rather than the process of management.

Near the end of the 1980s, business managers focused in refining product quality, often ignoring their role as personnel. The aim was reducing costs and increasing productivity, while overlooking the long-term benefits of inspiring personnel. This thoughtless view inclined short term profit increase, but created a flawed long-term business environment.


Simultaneously, as the concern about quality increased, entrepreneurship fascinated people. An unexpected wave of successful entrepreneurs made earlier management concepts outdated. In order to produce quality product or run a successful business, the most important thing is to hire quality employees and motivate them to do quality work. Motivation to do quality work comes from appreciation of one’s work. Make internal environment friendly and comfortable. Reduce stress and channel employee’s productivity. Appoint duties and allot tasks to employees according to their strength. It’s very difficult and time consuming to remember the strengths and weaknesses of your employees and check the quality of performance of each employee and award them accordingly.

The solution to this problem is Cloud HR Software and Payroll Software. They make management of employee data and payroll fuss-free. It makes employee data accessible to officials at any time. HR Software deals with talent management and recruitment of new employees, performance evaluation and training of employees while Payroll Software calculates taxes, make addition or deduction in salaries and award bonuses or gratuities.

Alrasmyat is a very reliable Cloud HR Software. With Alrasmyat, you can perform HR processes quicker. It provides professional benefits to thousands of companies. Small or big both startups can benefit from it. Streamlining HR procedures and management tools are its key features. Everybody in your business can operate it due to its easy interface. It modernizes human resource department’s supervision abilities and also manages employee skills and proficiencies well. Cloud Payroll Software calculates salaries, taxes and gratuities. An addition or deduction in salary based on your employee performance is automatically done by it. It makes management easy, fast and efficient.

Efficiently Plan for the Organization Objectives with HR Analytics Software

HR Analytics is important part of the HR Software .It is subject in the field of analytics to apply analytic processes to process HR activities of an organization in the hope of improving employee engagement and therefore getting more productivity and returns on the investments.

HR Software are capable of doing all HR analytics using efficient analytics metrics. This HRMS’s module has pushed HR into more accurate and involved state in the organization’s productivity and policies.
HR software can help to gain ideas on using HR analytics to measure staff member’s engagement and to speed up HR processing.


The objective of HR analytics is to provide business with visions for effectively managing employees so that organization’s objective can be meet quickly and with less effort. The most challenging part of is to provide efficient HR analytics to identify what data should be captured and how to use data structures and predict competencies so that organization gets an ROI (optimal return on investment) on its human capital.

Although many organizations have enough information to make analytics useful, the data is usually created and store in multiple places in different formats. There is need of one single and complete HR Software that can do all HR analytics along with other HR processing. There is no shortage of providers who offer dedicated HR Software capable of dealing business HR processing with intelligence.

Protect your Software HR Information from Hackers

Alrasmyat’s HR Software is a veritable gold dig for hackers. Representative names, dates of birth, standardized savings numbers, pay rates, and notwithstanding saving money data can be gotten to through HR Software, furnishing digital sharp criminals with all that they have to secure charge cards and carry out innumerable demonstrations of wholesale fraud on the off chance that they can break the framework’s shields. Indeed, even extensive and imposing organizations are not invulnerable to ruptures and hacks, as prove by the break at CareerBuilder.

Keeping electronic records secure is not unfeasible, though, it immediately takes a little knowledge and action.

Be Aware of Cyber Security:

Most businesses and HR experts have positively no clue what shields are set up on their HR Software, nor what protections ought to be set up. Getting to be distinctly proficient about these issues is the initial step to turning out to be more digital secure. HR Software ought to be upbeat to clarify more about what steps are taken to secure data and somewhat online research will ensure their measures are sufficient.


Be careful with Phishing Schemes:

Most digital hacks are pulled off not due to framework shortcoming, but rather in view of human imprudence. Phishing plans target representatives and directors, deceiving them into surrendering usernames, passwords, and other delicate data. By spreading mindfulness all through the organization of these sorts of plans, suspicious pop-ups, messages, and telephone calls might be waved to and closed before damage should be possible.

Control Information Access:

Representatives and directors are not generally fair and paying special mind to the best advantages of the organization or alternate workers. It is imperative to ensure that lone the most fundamental data is open by representatives at each level. Interfacing passwords to get to levels is a brilliant approach to ensure that workers and chiefs are just ready to see the data that relates to them or their employment obligations.

Make Cyber Secure Policies:

Not all digital security strategies require specialized expertise and courses to accomplish. Just founding brilliant approaches can here and there be an organization’s most noteworthy aversion against programmers. In the event that HR Software information can be gotten to remotely, it is imperative to establishment arrangements against leaving gadgets unattended or neglecting to log out each and every time.

Why your Business Needs a Mobile HR Software?

Mobile competences for HR System are no longer a new and unknown technology that businesses hesitate to assume. Mobile HR Software allows users to access business files unfluctuating when they are out of office. Nowadays, the businesses that have not yet implemented the technology are considered to be behind schedule.

Eradicating Restrictions of Geographical Locations:

Businesses usually create HR processes that must be submitted and permitted within a short time frame. On the other hand, both managers and workers tend to travel often as businesses expand. They may either travel between different business offices or even work from home, which means they will not find the time to run business computers in their offices at some critical times. Mobile HR Software creates them accessible despite their physical locations.

Modest Interfaces and Transactions:

Mobile providers currently integrate mobile HR Software in their products, making it easy to access pages and procedures. The procedures of entering text and making approval have been easy, which means workers and managers will not struggle with a sheer learning curve.


Attractive System Visibility:

In the traditional system, people had to deal with many paper methods and awkward reports that required a lot of time to develop. On the other hand, mobile HR Software allows workers and managers to get necessary data in real time and create better-informed decisions faster. Better data value and awareness also progress the integrity of data.

Organizations and Departments Use Mobile Access:

Company has executed mobile systems in some departments but not HR, this inconsistency should be addressed to ensure workers are thoroughly empowered and permitted. Keeping workers happy assist to make them more productive, and mobile HR Software provides appropriate tools to achieve this. Workers with mobile access to HR will not have to time lag for office hours to plan their holidays or take care of problems. It means they will have more time to emphasis on their work during office hours.

Aggregate Productivity:

Manager is in a meeting and requires headcount numbers swiftly, mobile HR Software makes the process easier and quicker than switching on a laptop. The manager can also use the technology to achieve some routine tasks before a scheduled meeting begins. Another benefit of Alrasmyat’s HR Software that boosts productivity is the removal of downtime.

Build an integrated Talent Strategy with Talent Management Software

The human resource experts are the cornerstone of any company. They not only resolve business problems today but also contribute in strategic aspects of the company; talent management is one of them.

Formulation of a Talent Management strategy is the responsibility of the HR function. This is often done in consultation with the business function. Be it talent mapping and planning or performance, recruitment and retention the human resource professionals of the day are seeking out ways to streamline and integrate their functions with the broader business functions.

In Alrasmyat, for example there is huge dearth of leadership positions at the top. The company is expanding globally and at a rate faster than it can grow its human capital. This has lead to talent deficit and this is common in many organizations. The problem requires a comprehensive set of solutions.

Again in the same company as mentioned above, people are empowered immediate in their careers to give them more concerns and build more competencies in employees. This enables to improve high potential personnel.

Needless to mention now, organizations require an integrated tactic to talent management. There is a need to manipulate in HR functions to enable and support the business functions.


Some strategies in this direction could be:

  • Aligning Business strategies with the HR strategies:

Business HR is one function that is developing fast as part of the Human Resource Management. The person is responsible for confirming a smooth relationship between business and HR functions. They work with business heads to develop people policies to support both short term and long term business objectives.

  • Performance Planning and Evaluation:

An integrated HR approach means that are uniform and standard measures for employee performance evaluation and compensation, up and down the company. Performance is linked to growth and the process adds value for employees to evaluate their work on their own.

  • Strategic Manpower Planning:

HR and Business function are interrelated. None can exist without the other. HR functions need to work in collaboration to assess current and future manpower requirements are plan for the same. They need to strategize on the approximate manpower requirements, the relevant skills and educational qualification, compensation and the like. This has to happen well in advance. Recruitment Management itself means a host of other events like training, development and compensation etc.

  • Mapping your Talent:

An ever-increasing prominence is being laid on identifying the top performing and talented employees to think of ways to cultivate, nurture and retain them. Further companies also like to keep skill portfolios for contingencies. As organizations realize the skills and abilities of individuals, they can then be more focused on devising means and strategies to attract, develop and retain these people.

Alrasmyat deals with efficient HRMS that help to achieve the challenges. It is greatest in sort solution that dealt with performance on demand.

Enrich profitability of your Business with HR Software

Most companies are always difficult to find new ways to save money. This is usually an uphill encounter for most, but there are those that successfully do it. However, what many of them don’t understand is that when you save money, you are really making a profit.

There are abundance of ways for companies to save money, but mainly of them seem to ignore one simple investment that could save money overall. They generally don’t think about investing in HR Software. Basically, this is a software package that cuts down many needless tasks, and it helps your Human Resources department do things enhanced and faster.

The Pros Outweigh the Cons:

Now, many business owners ignore this kind of system because they think that it is too expensive. However, this type of system saves money because it makes things stress-free for your HR department in the long run. You’ll see the department’s production rate enhance very quickly.

Recruit, recruiter, hire.

It Increases Productivity and Reduces Mistakes:

Moderately naturally, not all tasks can be handled via automation, but HR Software can take care of the easy ones that are time consuming. For instance, Payroll Software is a huge responsibility for most HR departments.

HRIS Can Help Analyze Employee Info:

So far we’ve discussed many magnificent examples of why your company should just bite the bullet and invest in reliable HR Software. However, there are other reasons for making such a good investment. The average HR Software compiles a lot of valuable information. Most HR departments enter and maintain piles of employee information. Have you ever thought about tracking and examining the information?

There could be a lot of harmful things prowling within that compiled information. Find ways to save money by examining info. Definite types of workers always seem to be more legal responsibility than others. Why does this continue to happen? What are you missing? A good HR Software system can help you address these questions. If you recognize a pattern that hurts the company financially, create a plan to reduce it.

In conclusion, Alrasmyat’s HR Software can save your company abundant of money in the long run. Instead of complaining about how much money you’ll have to provide, think about the amount of money that you’ll save. This system will make your employees further productive. It will also decrease common errors that are made by most HR departments. All in all, this little front-end investment could save your business plenty of money.