The human resource experts are the cornerstone of any company. They not only resolve business problems today but also contribute in strategic aspects of the company; talent management is one of them.

Formulation of a Talent Management strategy is the responsibility of the HR function. This is often done in consultation with the business function. Be it talent mapping and planning or performance, recruitment and retention the human resource professionals of the day are seeking out ways to streamline and integrate their functions with the broader business functions.

In Alrasmyat, for example there is huge dearth of leadership positions at the top. The company is expanding globally and at a rate faster than it can grow its human capital. This has lead to talent deficit and this is common in many organizations. The problem requires a comprehensive set of solutions.

Again in the same company as mentioned above, people are empowered immediate in their careers to give them more concerns and build more competencies in employees. This enables to improve high potential personnel.

Needless to mention now, organizations require an integrated tactic to talent management. There is a need to manipulate in HR functions to enable and support the business functions.


Some strategies in this direction could be:

  • Aligning Business strategies with the HR strategies:

Business HR is one function that is developing fast as part of the Human Resource Management. The person is responsible for confirming a smooth relationship between business and HR functions. They work with business heads to develop people policies to support both short term and long term business objectives.

  • Performance Planning and Evaluation:

An integrated HR approach means that are uniform and standard measures for employee performance evaluation and compensation, up and down the company. Performance is linked to growth and the process adds value for employees to evaluate their work on their own.

  • Strategic Manpower Planning:

HR and Business function are interrelated. None can exist without the other. HR functions need to work in collaboration to assess current and future manpower requirements are plan for the same. They need to strategize on the approximate manpower requirements, the relevant skills and educational qualification, compensation and the like. This has to happen well in advance. Recruitment Management itself means a host of other events like training, development and compensation etc.

  • Mapping your Talent:

An ever-increasing prominence is being laid on identifying the top performing and talented employees to think of ways to cultivate, nurture and retain them. Further companies also like to keep skill portfolios for contingencies. As organizations realize the skills and abilities of individuals, they can then be more focused on devising means and strategies to attract, develop and retain these people.

Alrasmyat deals with efficient HRMS that help to achieve the challenges. It is greatest in sort solution that dealt with performance on demand.


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