Get user friendly interface with HR Software


Selecting and implementing a HR Software and Payroll Software in office can be a trying but rewarding process. There are numerous steps involved, including: defining expectations and needs, figuring out budgeting, observing through all of the available options, and then finally determining how to implement and install the system.

What’s the User Interface?

Put merely, the user interface is what person uses to control HR system or other computer system. After logging into a system, the interface is what can be seen and used to achieve different tasks. The controls may be in the form of icons, apps, drop-down menus, and many other choices.

Keep It Simple:

The more a worker has to do to get on and use the system, the more frustrated that worker is apt to become. Users should be able to get into the system and use maximum or all of the functions accessible to them with just one password. Once inside, the simplest and most suitable systems permit configuration to limit what can be seen to what is appropriate to the individual.


Customization Options:

HR and Payroll Software that can be configured and customized to the inclinations of management or human resources will save a lot of headaches. If it’s possible to modification elements like dashboards and reporting, the structure can be altered to work more effectively for the business. This can make it greatly easier to change anything that workers hate about the system after it goes live.

“Intuitive” Interface:

When software companies make an interface “intuitive,” it ultimately means that users should be able to usage the HR and Payroll Software system with little to no training. Saved training generations saved money.

User Readiness:

When a system that is very “intuitive” has been particular, the adaptation of the system throughout the business is simplified. Even if a system is touted as wanting no training, though, workers should be given some sort of a small tutorial so that luxury levels are increased.

The Payoff:

Taking the time to make sure that HR Software and Payroll Software interface is easy to use and that workers are ready to use it can drastically cut the time and money paid out on adaptation. Quick operation can have massive benefit for the business, increasing productivity and improving the daily work lives of workers, management, and human resources.

How can HR Software Benefit Your Company?

HR’s primary goals are to collect and keep track of employees’ personal and professional information, such as payroll, health benefits, leave management, performance reviews etc. In this regard HR Software enables enterprises to streamline core HR administration, talent development, workforce management.

HR Cloud Analytics improve value of your source data and give you a more complete picture of your workforce. With the help of HR Analytics software you can manage data in a central repository system on a well-organized platform. Cloud HR Software allows you to interpret data, recognize trends or issues, and take proactive steps with different departments to keep the organization running smoothly and efficiently.

Allow organizations to model their workforce:

According to global survey HR workforce analytics has become an essential business tool in leading companies that view workforce performance as the key to improving company results. With HR analytics, you can gauge employee engagement whether or not workers have the skills to reach company goals. The aim of HR software is to make certain company’s growth by prominent undeveloped circumstances.

Measure Organization Performance with Analysis

Alrasmyat’s HR Software is an important software that provides you with the capability of handling your businesses’ insights on one platform. Managers do not need to go to another place to handle employees’ personal data. Through one platform everyone can access this information without any duplication of records. It helps to work faster than before and increase efficiency of your processes.

Major Benefits of Cloud HR Software

  • Improves productivity and increase employee performance
  • dealt with performance on request, speed and efficiency
  • enable you to take better business decision
  • Provide association between workforce data and operational measures
  • Providing access to your HR Management on your smartphone sitting anywhere
  • Shared understanding leading to smarter decisions
  • Create Stronger team cohesion
  • Empower Manager with the Organization
  • Strengthening organizational values
  • Get Employee’s comprehensive reports

Organize applicants efficiently with Recruitment Management Software

Applicant applying for a particular position in your organization has gone through various tests and hard academic challenges to reach to the place where they have ability to secure a good position in reputable organization. Skill based hiring is tricky as well as needs keen observation to do just with all the applicants. A skilled applicant applying in your organization shows their affection, loyalty and a good reputation of your organization in their mind. So, losing the applicant having skills and devotion for your organization is a great loss.

HR managers try their level best to analyze and take assessment of applicant’s skills from different perspectives. But when confronted with a situation of mass upload of resume and managing requests to handle queries in house and others, HR managers, capabilities to think innovatively seized. Different skills are examined on different parameters, if you ask fish to climb and cat to swim both fail hence resulting in tagging themselves, incompetent. Recruitment Management Software is one of the difficult and hectic process of all the HR manager’s’ responsibilities.

a HR Software- 12-04-2017

So, HR managers have to think innovatively in assessment process and need to record all the events happened during Applicant Management, and have to report to different personnel’s about that. Human is not machine to remember all the tasks they have to do. Human errors and omissions are always kept in mind while planning strategies and business. During applicant management and events happened during these process, if HR manager forgets to inform or mail related recruits about status, chances of losing a good applicant are high.

Moreover, it can also be an alert to HR Manager’s performance report and can danger their job too. Computer software’s are need of hour as they are designed to do tasks effectively without forgetting, once they are asked to do work, they do it as soon as possible without tiring. Alrasmyat’s HR Software enables your organization to pick the best applicant out of all leaving no burden on HR manger and help excelling your organization by doing a just hiring of a competent and skilled applicant having respect for your organization.

Enrich your HR Processes with HR Software

HR data has pretty much always been used to capture and report earlier data. With manually entered data this was mostly the case, with results and reporting enchanting time and effort to calculate and present.

However, as HR Software has been presented to organizations on a broader spectrum in recent years, the use of HR Software to figure predictive analytics has become more widespread. This has helped companies use HR Software for future planning. Now, as systems are better and up-to-the-minute results can be obtained, HR Software is bringing companies into a new and more efficient era in which present operations can be enhanced based on real-time data.

Taking HR into the Present:

The transition to using Alrasmyat’s HR Software for daily operations is a fantastic chance that can be used to gain an edge on the competition and increase business performance at a much more rapid pace.


Transitioning Efforts:

Unfortunately, most companies are not currently equipped to do business in this way. This means that time, effort, and capital must be invested to change many facets of the methods used for planning and implementation of operations. Taking the company to a position where HR Software is used extensively may be difficult, but it may also be value it.

Succession Planning and HR Software:

Alrasmyat’s HR and Payroll Software can be a lifesaver when it comes to succession planning. With the right HR Software structures and configuration in place, daily labor wants can be not only addressed but related with existing employee and applicant records to give managers definite suggestions for filling these needs.

Taking Action:

Once the right employees or applicants have been matched with existing labor wants, some HR Software can help managers to take act on getting those employees into place. Systems can be organized to send instant notifications that have been customized and accepted. Long gone are the days of spending hours revising applications and comparing applicant qualifications.

Maintaining the Human Element:

Some managers may worry that HR Software is automating too much of a company’s systems, captivating the “heart” and “head” out of the business. This is not an unrealistic fear, as the most cutting edge HR Software make so many HR functions simpler.

Are you satisfy with the services of Payroll Software?

Businesses put a lot of struggle into finding out the reasoning behind definite business trends and expenditures, continuously determined to utilize analytics and past data to make better results in the present and future. When payroll data is left out, it can leave a gigantic piece of the puzzle missing. There are several ways that payroll data can be used to improve business procedures and outcomes, but these may not be understandable at a glance.

Analytical Causes of Staffing Shortages:

Spikes in overtime can show a staffing shortage that may ultimately lead to larger problems such as drops in productivity and reduced revenues. While the spikes in overtime may be a small piece of Payroll Software that shows an issue, payroll data can also be used to resolve the mystery of why there are staffing deficiencies. By bringing up past data, it may be possible to determine whether the staffing deficiencies are seasonal, a result of call-outs, or a result of a larger matter.

Fetching Performance Data and Payroll Data Together:

Compensation is not the only driver of operative performance, performance and pay are incontestably linked. Using performance evaluations to support pay rises is common practice, but reviewing performance information side-by-side with payroll material can help to take compensation choices to the next level. By enhancing the processes used to regulate pay raises, employee satisfaction may be enlarged and the business may benefit from better productivity.


Using Payroll Statistics for Budgeting:

In many organizations, HR budgets are strained up using data from the earlier year in an effort to see how close definite results came to forecasts. This process is not fully useless, but it is defective when pay raises and other payroll data is not taken into account. Using current payroll statistics to justify budgetary rises over the previous year can help to avoid going over budget and can bring actual results quicker to predictions.

Using PeopleQlik’s Payroll Software to determine why things are happening within an association can give a better-rounded view of how the business works and can improve decision making. By using the PeopleQlik’s HR and Payroll Software to its full prospective and integrating payroll data with other data, you also assist to ensure that your business is receiving the best arrival for the HR Software investment.

Talent Management Trends that will Shape the Future

Tremendous forces are radically reshaping work. Altering employee expectations, new technologies, growing globalization and a need for agility in the face of a confused business environment mean that tomorrow’s workplace will be barely recognizable from today. HR will need to respond accordingly.

Research has identified business trends that will radically reshape HR in the next years:

  1. The rise of the extensive workforce:

Companies will be progressively composed of an ever-shifting, global network of contractors, business partners and outsourcing suppliers. As talent stretches beyond the confines of the company, HR teams may have to pay as much attention to people outside of the organization as to those inside.

  1. Managing individuals:

Instead of managing a workforce with a one-size-fits-all approach, HR will treat each employee as a “workforce of one” with exclusive needs and preferences, and will customize employee incentives accordingly.


  1. Technology advances radically disrupt HR:

Technology will assimilate talent management into the fabric of everyday business. HR IT will become a vital component of an organization characterized by social media, cloud computing, mobility, and Big Data Analytics.

  1. The global talent map loses its borders:

With a mismatch between areas of supply and demand of jobs globally, organizations will be composed of highly diverse workforces. HR will need to adopt new Recruitment Management Software strategies to effectively match talent with task across the world.

  1. HR drives the agile organization:

The world is becoming increasingly unpredictable and organizations that can adapt to fluctuating business conditions will outperform the competition. HR Software will basically reshape itself to enable new associations designed around agile and responsive talent.

These trends are happening now and will only get more real and impactful. A identical set of HR and Talent Management Software performs will be required, which are better suited to a highly impulsive, global and knowledge-oriented age.

Alrasmyat’s HR Software that recognize this and react will have an unprecedented opportunity to help organizations and people become leaders in the new world of work.

Why we use Recruitment Management Software?

Successful organizations choose competent employees, who are diligent, hardworking and honest. Half of success of your organization depends on capable employees, half depends on planning, management and resource handling. Once done with the team by picking exceptional and talented people then running business is not a burden. Picking a right person for right job is not a child’s play. HR managers and other recruiters involved in applicant management try their best to pick best. But it takes a lot of

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Cost
  • Human resources

Recruitment Management is one of the difficult task out of all the HR responsibilities. Because it takes much time and struggle to filter a person or two from a huge pile. Human have such intelligent minds that computer systems cannot replace, doing a task recursively, make them bored resulting in chances of errors and omissions.

Computer software application are programmed and tested in such a manner that there is rarely a chance of error. Top ten reasons to choose automated Recruitment Management Software are:


  1. Reducing cost

Hiring an applicant cost around 1.5 month’s salary of employee. Hiring an employee include advertising cost, HR manager time-cost, technical person interviewing applicant’s time-cost.

  1. Reducing HR managers burden

Filtering resume based on expertise and experience, calling out applicants, taking interviews, analyzing personality and taking record of these test and results calculation and hiring with some formal paper work is a huge burden to manage.

  1. Managing massive resume upload

Sorting applicant’s resume and applications keeping in view required skills is a hectic task. Consider a position opening and people applying from different campuses, organizations and cities and some just applied even if they have not desired skills but just have a knowhow and they mention it on resume. Human alone cannot filter reading one by one, as it takes time and is a weight on HR part.

  1. Maintain queue for applicants

Hiring employee is needed all the time. To start from scratch like figuring out job responsibilities, advertising, calling, interview take time and budget. Applicants with good performance in interview can be called later if not selected

  1. Succession planning

Pre-existing employees waiting for promotion or interested in newly posted job can be managed by succession planning

  1. Pure screening

All the data is stored in system, so there will be no chance of biased behavior from your organization

  1. Efficiently capturing applicant data

Optimized databases and efficient computing helps in capturing and processing data in minutes rather than weeks

  1. Offer letters generation

Offer letters can be generated easily along with payroll working hours, leaves allowed all mentioned and can be further processed if hired.

  1. Managing and testing different skill aspects

Events happened in recruitment and their results can be recorded and used to compare applicants on many basis.

  1. Picking best and competent candidate

Finally all these screening, succession planning, HR analysis done by automated software leads to picking best candidate

Alrasmyat, Recruitment Management Software helps your organization in picking the best candidate as it possess all the above mentioned qualities along with time and Attendance Management Software and payroll module. So, Alrasmyat made easy the hiring and employee management process.